Top 30 Cutest LED Night Lights for Kids' Rooms in 2023

A beautiful kid's bedroom at night with the moon visible through the window.

While nothing beats the joy of a goodnight kiss, the transition to independent sleeping for kids can be made even more special with the right kind of companionship. This is where our top 30 cutest LED bedside lamps come into play.

These cool kids' lamps, designed as multicolored, charming animals and objects, not only provide the necessary illumination but also serve as comforting friends to aid the process of falling asleep.

What is the best light color for sleep?

Recent research evidence highlights red light as the most effective color for promoting sleep, given its ability to enhance melatonin production, paralleling the effects of darkness. On the contrary, blue light has been found to suppress melatonin production, potentially disrupting sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.

Most of the models presented are multi color night lights, kids friendly and come equipped with a dimming function, offering versatility as either bedside LED lamps or interactive LED night lights for kids. By combining the reddish hues with automatic dimming, these lamps can help improve the quality of sleep for your kids, or even for you!

We've categorized these cute bedside lamps by type for your convenience in browsing.

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Cute dog lamps

Choosing the best night light to gift can be challenging. The good news is that you can never go wrong with a dog night light! These adorable puppies serve as charming and fun night lights, providing a long-lasting companion and colorful dreams.

Happybag Puppy Night Light

  • USB rechargeable
  • Long working hours (about 6 hours)
  • Non-toxic, harmless and BPA free
  • Soft, pinchable, and sturdy
  • Dimmable, 30/60 minutes timer options
  • 2700K-6500K, adjustable brightness
  • Portable and wireless
  • Includes remote control and USB cable

Mubarek Puppy Night Lamp

  • USB rechargeable
  • 16 color changing capabilities
  • Made of 100% baby-safe silicone
  • Dimmable, 30/60 minutes timer options
  • Portable and wireless
  • Includes remote control and USB cable
  • Comes with a perfect gift box package

Color Changing Kids Dog Lamp

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Puppy-shaped design
  • Nine different soft colors
  • 12 hours of continuous use
  • High-quality, heat-resistant silicone material
  • Withstands rough handling
  • Remote control operation
  • 3 auto-shutoff options (15, 30, 60 mins.)
  • Includes remote control and USB cable

Cat lamps

🐱 Cute cat lamps are also another staple favourite among children. They can be squished (something not recommended with real cats), played with, or used as night lights for kids.

NeoJoy Cat LED Night Light

  • 16 static colors and 4 loops
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • Soft, safe silicone material
  • Soothing night light
  • Ideal for cat lovers and kids
  • Auto-off after 3 hours
  • Controlled via remote
  • Includes remote control and USB cable

Lumipets Kitty Rechargeable Night Light

  • Offers 9 soft light options
  • High-quality, soft silicone body
  • Tap control functionality
  • USB-rechargeable battery
  • Features sleep timer function
  • Remote control included
  • Color-changing modes
  • Washable and portable
  • Long battery life

Mubarek Portable Cat Lamp

  • USB rechargeable
  • 16 color changing capabilities
  • Remote control enabled
  • Includes timer function
  • Super soft material
  • Safety night light for kids
  • Ideal gift for kids

Bunny lamps

Bunnies are undeniably cute with their soft fur, twitchy noses, and floppy ears. While nothing comes close to the real thing, these bunny-themed dimming LED night lights are quite adorable too!

Touch-Controlled Rabbit Bedside Lamp

  • Touch or remote control
  • Safe for newborn babies
  • Timer dimming feature
  • Bright enough for reading
  • Kids-friendly design
  • Great gift for birthdays
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Made of BPA free silicone

Rechargeable Bunny Lamp for Kids

  • Cute designs for kids
  • Made of ABS+Silicone
  • Different sizes available
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Timer (Auto-off) available.
  • Battery powered with long life.
  • Rechargeable
  • Various color temperatures

Safe Silicone Bunny LED Night Light

  • Various cute designs
  • Made from BPA free silicone + ABS
  • Different lighting modes
  • 10 hrs battery life
  • Touch or remote control
  • Brightness control
  • Sleep timer
  • USB rechargeable
  • Suitable for all ages

Chicken lamps + other birds

The chick lamp is the best baby night light: soft, squishy, cute, and round. However, the other two contenders are also very charming night lights that will delight any child.

Wobbling Chick Nursery Nightlight

  • Dimmable lamp with easy operation
  • Cute hatching chick design
  • Soft silicone, baby-safe material
  • Smart touch controls
  • Designed with anti-blue light LED
  • Wireless with USB charging
  • Up to 300 hours of dim light
  • 8 hours of extra-bright light
  • Swings and wobbles for interactive fun

Cute Seagull LED Night Light Lamp

  • BPA-free washable silicone material
  • Soft to the touch
  • Handheld size for easy portability
  • Suitable for bedroom, study, baby room decor
  • Perfect gift for kids, girls, and duck lovers
  • Ideal for all genders and ages

Cool Ninja Duck Bedside Lamp

  • Unique and fun Ninja Duck design
  • Colorful RBG lighting
  • Perfect for children's desks or study areas
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Safe for children to use
  • Compact and easily portable

Horsies lamps

Horses embody the very essence of nobility with their strong, graceful strides and compassionate eyes. Unicorns, as mystical creatures, symbolize purity, grace, and magical allure.

These horse lamps might not capture their noble stance, but their colorful night lights certainly exude a form of magical allure!

Rocking Horse Nursery Night Light

  • Portable and child-friendly size
  • Soft and safe silicone material
  • Round plastic bottom for injury protection
  • Suitable as a nursery light
  • Perfect light intensity for nursing and diaper changing
  • Cute design, loved by boys and girls
  • Available in pink and blue options
  • Comes in a sturdy, gift-ready box

Magical Unicorn Night Lamp

  • Ideal for kids afraid of the dark
  • Original light color patchwork enhances visual ability
  • Suitable for newborn girls and girls aged 1-12
  • Tap or squeeze to switch colors and change brightness
  • Highly durable and recovers quickly from pats and rubs
  • One charge can last up to 12 hours in bright light and up to 50 hours in dim light

Soft Silicone Unicorn LED Night Light

  • Unicorn design loved by kids
  • 16 rainbow colors
  • Ideal as gifts for girls aged 1-10
  • Soft and cuddly pillow pal design
  • Can serve as nursery night light with warm, soothing light
  • Can also be used as an atmosphere lamp
  • Strong quality promise and 3 years of after-sales service

Dinosaur lamps

When it comes to animal night lights, dinosaurs hold a special appeal. Their towering heights and mighty roars tend to spark children's imaginations, making this type of LED night light a likely favorite as a portable night light wherever they go.

Long Lasting Brontosaurus LED Lamp

  • Color-changing lamp for soothing effect
  • Easy to use with a tap-control feature
  • Both decorative and functional
  • Ideal for children's bedrooms, play rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Equipped with long-lasting LED
  • Cute brontosaurus design for playful fun
  • Suitable for any room in the house

Silicone Baby Dinosaur Night Lamp

  • Color changing for a soothing effect
  • Easy operation with a tap for color selection
  • Decorative and functional soft glow night light
  • Ideal for children's rooms, play rooms, and bathrooms
  • Long-lasting LED for extended use
  • Suitable for children's spaces and adult living areas

Color Changing Dinosaur LED Night Light

  • Toy-grade, BPA-Free silicone material
  • No sharp edge, harsh light, or eye harm
  • Creates a safe & comfortable atmosphere
  • Portable USB Rechargeable with 1200mA battery
  • More than 12 hours of light up time
  • Sensitive tap control for color changes
  • White, red, blue, green and 7 color rotating mode

Other animal lamps

There are a few more animals which kids love. These cool night lights are guaranteed to become one of your favorite children's lamps.

Color-changing Night Light Bear

  • Offers 9 soft light options
  • Made from soft, high-quality silicone
  • Heat-free and easy to clean
  • Simple tap control mechanism
  • USB-rechargeable, perfect for travel
  • Sleep slow flow or blinking modes
  • Adjustable brightness and sleep timer
  • Long-lasting battery life up to 72 hours

Cute Owl Night Light Lamp

  • Remote controlled & tap control
  • Silicone and ABS material
  • Color and brightness control
  • USB rechargeable
  • 15/30/60 minute auto-off timer
  • Safe as a toy
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Soft, squishy, washable texture

Elephant Nursery Night Lamp

  • Tap control features
  • Soft, gentle lighting
  • Portable and rechargeable
  • Included remote control
  • BPA Free Silicone + ABS material
  • Useful for nighttime reading, feeding
  • Inspires children's imagination
  • Serves as sleep aid with timer

Portable Lion Lamp for Kids

  • 100% silicone LED nightlight
  • Features 7 color cycling mode
  • Interactive tap control
  • Color changing for imagination
  • BPA-free, FDA-certified silicone
  • Adjustable dim option
  • 60 minute auto-off timer
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • 15hr battery life

LED Safe Night Light Fox Lamp

  • Battery night light
  • Offers soft, gentle light
  • Inspires children's imagination
  • Ideal for nursery needs
  • Features tap control with color modes
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Includes remote for ease of use
  • Made of BPA-free Silicone+ABS

Cute Baby Shark Night Light

  • Cute shark-shaped night light
  • Breastfeeding and diaper change aid
  • Large capacity battery, 10-hour runtime
  • Helps kids overcome fear of darkness
  • Soft, squishy silicone material
  • Features 7 color breathing modes
  • Portable size for travel
  • Made of durable ABS+Silicone

Non-animal cute lamps

When it comes to cute night lights, animals take the cake. However, there are still some rechargeable night lights here that can look just as adorable as any animal light.

Cute Toaster LED Night Light

  • Child-friendly, single button operation
  • Retro-modern toaster design
  • USB rechargeable, long-lasting
  • Excellent, versatile gift
  • Fits multiple décor settings

Rechargeable Pear Night Light Lamp

  • USB rechargeable
  • Warm white & RGB color options
  • Portable, compact size
  • Adaptable brightness levels
  • Includes a timer function

Safe Portable Night Light Cloud

  • Rechargeable, lasts 10 hours
  • Dual light modes
  • Adorable cloud design
  • Soft, unbreakable material
  • Safe in-bed companion
  • 7 color modes
  • Made from BPA free silicone
  • Includes a remote & timer

Personalized animal lamps

To conclude this post, let's look at a few bedroom night lamps that can be personalized. These are not toddler-friendly, and they aren't toys for play. They're more suitable for older kids, and just too adorable to ignore!

Personalised Unicorn Night Light

  • Personalised unicorn design
  • 7 color settings
  • Suitable sensory light
  • Customizable design requests
  • Quick dispatch time
  • USB or battery powered
  • USB cable included
  • Brighter with USB connection

Personalized Dinosaur Night Light

  • Personalized Kids' Night Light
  • Durable Acrylic Material
  • Dual Power Options: Battery/USB
  • Remote Control and Touch Switch
  • 7 Colors Touch, 16 Colors Remote
  • Free Custom Engraving
  • LED Light Type

Customizable Acrylic Night Light

  • Custom Designed Acrylic Board
  • Available in 2 Sizes: Small/Medium
  • USB Powered Base
  • Unique, Personalizable Luminous Display
  • Complementary Blend: Acrylic and Wood
  • Ideal for Various Spaces
  • Responsive to Craftsmanship Concerns