25 Great Gifts Ideas For Red Dwarf Fans in 2023

Kryten, Cat, Rimmer and Dave, who got a SciFi channel himself.

Comedy... Check. Sci-Fi... Check. Pop culture references... Check.

What's not to love about Red Dwarf? There are holograms that crash and display the Spinning Beach Ball of Death in their eyes. Adventures include traveling backwards in time and altering history just to get a curry. Obsessive talking toasters. Robots undergo midlife crises and there’s a senile computer to boot.

Red Dwarf holds its place as one of the longest-running Sci-Fi and comedy series. Even the esteemed Patrick Stewart is a fan, though he did consider suing them for a hot minute.

As a big fan of Red Dwarf and a Red Dwarf merchandise hoarder, it was a no-brainer to make it the subject of my first blog post. From the day it first aired to today, I've been actively following it. One can only hope that the next season is just around the corner...

Red Dwarf merchandise is hard to come by, so let me ease some pain for the fans out there.

Just a word of advice: If you're looking to gift someone a Red Dwarf item, double-check that they're not a SMEEEE...

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Kryten Smeg : Red Dwarf T-Shirt

The essence of Red Dwarf can be captured in one word: smeg.

The term smeg serves as a versatile, futuristic slang word, coined specifically for the show. It's the staple swear word in the series, and it's used to extenuation, yet it's always smegging hilarious.

Probably the funniest use is having Kryten (the well behaved android), trying to use it against Rimmer (the regular smeghead of the crew) fighting against its program.

This Red Dwarf Kryten Smeg is a tribute to that moment, one that every Red Dwarf fan can recognize at first glance.

Red Dwarf Starbugs Coffee Mug

This Starbugs Coffee Mug is a must-have for any Red Dwarf fan.

The Starbug is the Red Dwarf shuttlecraft used by the crew of the Red Dwarf for planetary exploration, short-range missions, and other purposes.

Starbug is often depicted as being somewhat old and battered, but it is beloved by the characters and has been central to many episodes and storylines.

Would You Like Some Toast? Red Dwarf T-shirt.

Howdy Doodily-Dooooo!

OK, this is the piece of Red Dwarf merchandise I adore the most, although I might be a bit biased because Talky Toaster is my favorite recurring character in the series.

Talky Toaster is an insatiable toaster that urges you to eat as many pieces of toast as possible, often driving its owner, Dave, to insanity.

As the ultimate prank, gift your friend the same shirt three or four times. Pack them in separate gift wrappings and prepare for some laughter.

Custom Kit Red Dwarf JMC Mining Space Ship Model

If the recipient is a fan of miniature painting, this custom kit of a Red Dwarf JMC Mining Space Ship model is a perfect fit, named after the ship from the series itself.

The kit is 3D printed with high-quality PLA/Resin material, available in 1-inch, 3-inch, 6-inch, or 12-inch versions. The small size of the 1-inch and 3-inch versions allows for highly detailed prints.

Red Dwarf Omnibus: Red Dwarf And Better Than Life

These are the first two books released about the Red Dwarf universe.

This double-feature book takes you on a cosmic ride with Dave Lister, the last human alive, as he navigates through bizarre realities, expanding on the story covered in those two episodes. It's a must-have to gain extra knowledge about the series.

The book also includes the first draft of the TV pilot script.

Arnold Rimmer Bookmark

What better complement to a book than a Red Dwarf-themed bookmark?

This Arnold Rimmer-themed Red Dwarf bookmark nods to the hilarity and endearing neuroticism of the central character.

You can add your favorite Red Dwarf quotes, turning it into a personal memento of the beloved TV series.

Everybody's Dead Dave : Red Dwarf T-shirt

One of the first and most memorable appearances of Holly, the senile computer of the Red Dwarf ship, involves him repeating a sentence countless times to an incredulous Lister, who has just been released from stasis.

This Red Dwarf 'Everybody's Dead Dave' T-shirt is not just a piece of clothing, but also a conversation starter among fans.

The witty catchphrase, a favorite line from the series, will remind you and others of the humor and clever writing that Red Dwarf is known for.

Red Dwarf Coffee Mug | My Duty As A Complete Utter Bastard!

Start your day with a touch of humor using this Red Dwarf Coffee Mug. If you're a Rimmer fan, this is your mug!

Rimmer is the neurotic, self-centered, cowardly smeghead of the crew. He knows it and he's not ashamed to show it. There are tons of great quotes from Rimmer, but this one, "it's my duty as a complete and utter bastard", is used to "save" Lister from his alternate life of riches, fame, and girls.

Made from high-quality ceramic material with a glossy photo quality finish, this mug features a unique design inspired by the hit show.

It is dishwasher safe, UV resistant, and provides vibrant, high definition colors.

Red Dwarf Drinks Coaster "Everybody Is Dead Dave"

"Everybody's dead," but this time comes as a drinks coaster.

This merchant offers a variety of drink coasters adorned with several Red Dwarf staple phrases; just browse the Etsy product page to find your favorite one.

Also available as a fridge magnet.

Can Holder - Red Dwarf

Whether you're battling a polymorph or merely wishing to keep your drink cooler for a more extended period, this can cooler is a must-have.

With its stainless steel material and anti-slip surface, it keeps your drinks cool on the hottest days.

The smooth metal finish adds a touch of style, while the 12oz capacity can comfortably accommodate your favorite beverages.

Red Dwarf Car Sunshade

This Red Dwarf Car Sunshade features the entire Red Dwarf crew.

Its customizable designs, featuring your favorite characters, allow you to display your love for Red Dwarf while keeping your car cool and shielded from the sun.

Made with durable materials and offering a universal fit, this car sunshade ensures peace of mind during the summer heat.

Note: It's suitable for standard cars only and doesn't fit the Starbug.

Red Dwarf Coffee Mug | Smoke Me A Kipper

Ace Rimmer is an alternate universe iteration of Arnold Rimmer from "Red Dwarf," embodying bravery and heroism in stark contrast to his original's cowardice.

His famed saying, "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast," showcases his daring disposition, promising adrenaline-filled quests and a certain rebound.

What a guy!

Red Dwarf JMC Patch

Most of the Red Dwarf paraphernalia consists of fan-made shirts, but this patch can be attached to any wearable you have. This Red Dwarf JMC Patch showcases the iconic logo of the Jupiter Mining Corporation, a key element in the Red Dwarf universe.

With its iron-on feature, it's easy to affix to any clothing or fabric item.

Red Dwarf T-Shirt

This classic Red Dwarf logo on a black shirt is a safe choice if you know the recipient is a fan.

Made with high-quality material and featuring modern printing technology, this black t-shirt is both sweat-absorbent and machine washable.

Red Dwarf Hoodie

The same design, but this time on a hoodie. This Red Dwarf Logo Hoodie is instantly recognizable to fans.

Made from soft cotton faced fabric and featuring a brushed back fleece, this hoodie provides both style and comfort.

Complete with a double fabric hood, front pouch pocket, ribbed cuffs and hem, and twin needle stitching, this hoodie is perfect for showing off your love for Red Dwarf in style.

Red Dwarf JMC Baseball Cap Hat

This Red Dwarf JMC Baseball Cap Hat features a five-panel construction with a clean surface for decoration, showcasing the iconic JMC logo.

The structured and high profile design adds a touch of style, while the hook and loop closure ensures a comfortable fit for all.

Mr Flibble Is Very Cross : Red Dwarf T-Shirt

The 'Mr. Flibble is very cross' quote from the quarantine episode is a stellar showcase of Rimmer's descent into madness caused by a hologramatic virus.

As he converses through his hand puppet, Mr. Flibble, we witness a hilarious yet alarming portrayal of cabin fever in deep space.

Probably the most famous puppet in the Red Dward universe :)

Rimmer Hologram Mark Replica

If we've previously stated that 'smeg' is the most notorious word in Red Dwarf, then should we need to choose a single letter to symbolize Red Dwarf, it would undoubtedly be 'H'.

Apart from Dave Lister, the entire Red Dwarf crew is deceased. They're all gone. Nonetheless, Arnold Rimmer persists as a hologram to provide company for Dave. This 'H' signifies his status as a holographic entity.

Perfect for cosplay, this 3D printed piece can be affixed using skin-safe prop glue, offering fans an opportunity to recreate a cherished aspect of the show.

Finished in black and silver, this item is not merely a prop, but a tribute to the show's iconic humor and profound character development.

London Jets: Red Dwarf T-Shirt

This shirt one of the most emblematic shirts worn by Dave Lister.

The worn London Jets T-shirt Dave Lister frequently dons in Red Dwarf is a testament to his love for Zero G Football. It's not just a piece of clothing, but a cherished link to a past passion. Amidst the cosmic chaos, this shirt remains a personal and humble nod to Lister's Earthly interests.

Note: The original one in the show is the red one.

Give Quiche a Chance: Red Dwarf T-Shirt

When a polymorph sucks out all your anger, what does it leave you with? Your love for quiche!

At least, this is what happened to Arnold Rimmer.

This is probably the only t-shirt he wears in the entire series, as he's usually seen in uniform, making it likely the most recognizable t-shirt in the series.

Red Dwarf inspired banana necklace

When Lister tries to get Kryten to break his programming, he teaches him to lie.

Referring to a banana as an off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden is Kryten's first breakthrough in his steps towards becoming a fully-fledged liar.

This is a fun item that any Kryten fan might enjoy.

Pastel Drawing of Red Dwarf (Limited print)

This is a beautiful Red Dwarf painting featuring the iconic crew.

Each print features a beautifully hand-drawn pastel drawing, meticulously crafted and signed by the artist.

Red Dwarf - Kryten's Love Quote

Want to express your love to a Red Dwarf fan? Check this Red Dwarf unique 'In Z80012 Love Quote Camille' print.

Kryten's encounter with Camille, a pleasure GELF, leads to a profound exploration of love in the Red Dwarf universe. His poignant quote, 'Love is a device invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn', humorously reflects his logical, mechanoid view on human emotions.

Encased in a handmade, lightweight, glass-free frame, the design is based on the episode 'Camille' from Season 4.

Red Dwarf Collection (Series 1-8)

This is the nearest thing to a complete DVD collection that you'll ever get. Red Dwarf spans 13 series (as of 2023) but due to some disagreements between authors this is the only "complete" collection that has been released.

Journey with the last human alive and his offbeat crew through space oddities and absurd predicaments, resulting in ceaseless laughter and delightful cosmic chaos.


Arnold Rimmer's Gazpacho Soup incident is a defining moment of self-inflicted humiliation.

At a captain's dinner, Rimmer, served with cold Gazpacho soup, scolds the waitstaff for their apparent mistake, demanding it be heated up.

Unaware it's supposed to be served cold, he effectively ruins his chance for career advancement, a blunder he mourns ever since, symbolizing his inability to seize opportunities due to a lack of knowledge or preparation.

Every year on November 25th, fans Red Dwarf fans celebrate Gazpacho Soup Day. So, if you're nearing this date, gifting a Gazpacho Soup will surely spark some laughts!