39 Great Gifts For The Guitar Player

A cute panda playing the electric guitar

There was a time when every youngster seemed to want to play guitar in a rock band. (Ben: Not me!) OK. Not computer uber-geeks like Ben.

But the fact is that guitar players are passionate and known for their incredible commitment and deep love for music, as mastering the guitar demands consistent practice and passion.

This dedication sharpens their musical abilities and cultivates valuable traits like discipline and perseverance.

If you need some advice on what gifts to give a guitar player, check this list. It contains several useful accessories that will surely delight any guitar player. The gift list does not include guitars, as they're a very personal choice that should be made by the artist themselves.

Moreover, guitarists have a unique way of expressing themselves, using their instruments to share emotions and stories, creating a special connection with listeners everywhere.

(Ben: Well, I actually love playing Guitar Hero)

(Juliana: Stop editing and plug in the gift list)

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Guitar Pick With A Dad Joke

Other than guitars themselves, picks are the next most important thing for a guitar player, and this one offers the perfect dad joke.

Ideal for guitar players with proud parents, it's a thoughtful gift for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion.

The pick combines practical use with a touching sentiment and comes in a velvet pouch, ready for gifting.

Van Gogh Guitar Picks Set

If your local guitar enthusiast is also into arts and paintings, consider this premium set of Vincent Van Gogh-inspired guitar picks.

It comes complete with a handy leather pick holder and a durable metal storage box.

Designed for comfort and style, these medium gauge celluloid picks are perfect for creating a natural, warm sound on electric, classic, bass, and acoustic guitars.

Personalized Guitar Pick Set

Check these personalized guitar picks, perfect for expressing the uniqueness of a musician.

Available in three thicknesses to suit varying tonal preferences, they promise wear-resistant toughness with a comfortable grip.

The customization process is simple and allows for the addition of images or text, making each pick a truly special gift for holidays, birthdays, or a musical breakthrough.

Engraved Guitar Pick Set

This customizable guitar pick set includes a high-quality genuine leather pick case and stainless steel picks that can be engraved with personal messages.

It's not only a stylish way to store and carry picks but also serves as an ideal gift for musicians, offering a personal touch to their musical journey.

The set enhances convenience during tours and makes for a special present for a variety of occasions.

Personalized Guitar Pick Necklace

A multifunctional titanium steel guitar pick that doubles as a customizable necklace, perfect for protecting fingers during play and serving as a unique accessory.

It features a durable metal pick, high-definition digital printing for personal images or text, and is designed to resist fading, rusting, or breaking.

Ideal for gifting, it captures individuality and creativity in a single, elegant piece.

Personalized Guitar Pick Set

This custom guitar pick box comes with three wooden picks that can be personalized with any text or icon, making them ideal gifts for guitar enthusiasts.

Crafted from natural wood, the picks resonate with a distinct sound and are housed in a guitar-shaped wooden case, perfect for inspiring musical creativity.

Available for various occasions, this set can be cherished by musicians of all levels.

Guitar Shaped Pick Holder

Having a convenient place to store picks is also an important consideration for guitar players.

This guitar-shaped pick holder is a stylish and practical accessory for any guitar player.

Made from high-quality PU leather, it ensures durability and comfort.

It comes with five colorful picks and is designed to keep them well-organized and easily accessible.

Lighter-Shaped Guitar Pick Holder

An original and useful gadget, a unique lighter-shaped guitar pick holder crafted from natural wood.

Each holder is distinct, and the strong magnetic lock ensures picks are kept safe.

It’s a charming accessory and a functional tool for guitar players, large enough to house 5-18 picks without compromising a stylish look.

Leather Guitar Pick Keychain

Crafted from high-quality full-grain leather, this guitar pick holder keychain offers a stylish and functional way to store and access guitar picks.

It's perfect for guitar players who want to keep their picks handy for performances or practice sessions.

Guitar Picks Storage Pouch

Designed for guitar enthusiasts, this PU leather picks holder provides a durable and organized solution for storing guitar picks.

Featuring 20 slots, an additional mesh pocket, and a magnetic buckle to secure contents, it's ideal for any guitarist.

The set includes 24 random color picks in various thicknesses and presents a thoughtful gift for your favorite guitar aficionado.

Guitar Pick Storage Case

The Guitar Pick Holder Case is crafted from durable EVA material, ensuring picks and small accessories remain secure and organized.

The case features a smooth zipper, a mesh pocket for additional items like tuners and straps, and can hold over 70 picks.

Ideal as a gift, it helps guitarists keep their gear in check without adding extra bulk to their setup.

Strawberry Guitar Pick Case

This case comes with a metal carabiner that can be hung on the guitar case and features a charming strawberry theme.

It boasts a large capacity with upgraded pick slots and two mesh pockets, perfect for organizing a variety of guitar picks and small accessories.

Designed for portability and constructed with durable materials, it's an ideal gift for guitar enthusiasts looking to add a splash of style to their musical journey.

Adjustable Gift Guitar Strap

If you want to present a practical yet thoughtful item to a guitarist, this adjustable guitar strap set is a perfect choice.

It includes all a player might need: a durable strap, 2 picks, strap locks, and a strap button.

Designed for comfort and style, it fits all—men, women, and children—and is universally compatible with acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

Ergonomic Air Cell Guitar Strap

Give your favorite guitarist the gift of comfort with the Coyuger Air Cell Guitar Strap.

Its revolutionary air cell technology provides ergonomic support by reducing shoulder and back stress during performances.

Fully adjustable and equipped with durable leather ends, it's the perfect accessory for guitar and bass players of any skill level.

Guitarist Quote Pendant Necklace

This handmade necklace is the perfect token for guitar enthusiasts, featuring an antique bronze guitar charm and inspiring quote on a typography card.

It is carefully assembled and comes ready to gift in an elegant box, complete with a quotation card.

A memento larger than a quarter, this charming piece suits anyone who finds joy and identity in strumming the strings.

Guitar Ceramic Coffee Mug

The Guitar Music Note Mug is ideal for music lovers who enjoy a hot beverage in style.

This unique 12.9oz ceramic mug features a charming guitar design perfect for home, office, or school use.

It can be used for both hot and cold drinks and is both dishwasher and microwave friendly, making it as practical as it is attractive.

Guitar-Themed Coffee Mug

Designed with the passionate guitarist in mind, this 11oz black coffee mug features a playful 'Lord of the Strings' motif.

It's an ideal gift that combines utility with a personal touch, resonating with anyone who loves playing the guitar and Tolkien.

Guitar 3D Illusion Night Light

To create the perfect mood for playing, proper decoration in a guitar player's room is essential.

This 3D illusion night light, with its unique guitar design, is ideal for creating a musical ambiance in any room.

The light offers a range of 16 remote-controlled colors and 7 touch-controlled color changes, along with dimming options and a timed shutoff, ensuring a personalized lighting experience.

It functions with either a 5V Type-C cable or batteries, ensuring flexibility in placement.

Steampunk Guitar Table Lamp

Featuring an industrial steampunk design, this table lamp combines the charm of vintage aesthetics with the passion for guitars.

The malleable iron cast pipe construction ensures durability and an exceptional lifespan.

It offers not just illumination but also a distinct decorative appeal to any music-themed space.

Guitar Player Industrial Lamp

A very similar item to the previous one, but with a completely different style.

This industrial style table lamp merges utility and art, complementing any music room or bedroom decoration.

Crafted from durable iron water pipes and featuring a seated guitar player design, it casts a 'hot yellow' glow perfect for creating atmosphere.

Also, a fantastic gift to light up the lives of friends and family who cherish music or appreciate handcrafted items.

Guitar Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Showcase time with a musical twist using this 12” black wall clock, crafted from recycled vinyl records, perfect for any guitar enthusiast's home.

It features a quartz movement with minimal ticking noise and comes ready to hang with ease, without any additional LED effects.

It's a unique addition to music studios or living spaces, and makes a great gift for music lovers on any special occasion.

Vintage Guitar Patent Prints

If you want to add a touch of musical history and vintage style to someone's decor, this set of four 8x10 guitar patent prints is perfect.

It is an ideal gift for guitar players or music lovers who appreciate unique wall art, and it can beautifully adorn a living room, bedroom, or studio.

Guitar Player Repair Manual

Sooner or later, guitar maintenance is needed.

With this expansive repair guide, both budding and professional guitarists can learn to maintain and repair their instruments.

The guide contains detailed instructions on setting up guitars and keeping them in peak condition, complemented by an instructional DVD for hands-on learning.

Features include set-up specifications from renowned players and in-depth coverage of guitar electronics.

Complete Guitar Maintenance Kit

This 49-piece guitar setup kit includes everything needed for the upkeep and maintenance of string instruments, including guitars and ukuleles.

The set contains a range of tools such as string cutters, fret files, and cleaning cloths, all organized in a convenient carry bag.

Whether for standard tuning or thorough cleaning, this kit provides essentials for guitar enthusiasts' maintenance routine.

Elegant Wooden Guitar Hanger

Crafted from natural Black Walnut Wood, this set of two guitar hangers features a protective V-shaped design that securely grips the instrument, preventing slips and scratches.

It's an elegant solution for displaying guitars in a music studio, bedroom, or living area.

Easy installation allows these hangers to become a functional decoration, making them fantastic gifts for guitar enthusiasts.

Alloy Steel Guitar Hangers

These durable alloy steel guitar hangers feature protective soft sponges that prevent scratches, designed for stable and safe guitar mounting.

The U-Shape hooks accommodate various guitar types, doubling as a decorative home or studio accessory.

Wooden Acoustic Guitar Stand

This exquisite zingana wood guitar stand offers both a classy way to display your instrument and practical utility.

Its adjustable cradle arms, soft foam padding, and secure hinge lock system ensure your guitar is held safely and accessibly.

Guitar Technique Improvement Book

Even with today's technologies, the guitar is still better learned through proper literature.

Enhance guitar skills with this insightful book, authored by the acclaimed studio guitarist Tommy Tedesco.

It delves into advanced topics like picking enhancement and sight-reading skills, sharing personal tips and exercises from a professional's perspective.

Reflecting years of experience, it stands as an indispensable guide for guitar improvement.

Ultimate Guitar Player's Handbook

This extensive guidebook is the perfect resource for guitar enthusiasts, amateur or professional, with a passion for various styles including rock, blues, jazz, or folk.

It's been redesigned with full-color photos and includes lessons and profiles of current guitar masters.

With updates on the latest in recording and amplification, it's an essential manual for any guitarist's library.

Acoustic Guitar Hit Songbook

The Complete Guitar Player Acoustic Songbook offers a diverse collection of 50 acoustic hits from different genres, tailored for the aspiring guitarist.

Complete with lyrics, chords, and strumming patterns, it's an ideal choice for learning and performing.

From classics by Bob Dylan to contemporary hits by Adele, this songbook promises to enhance any guitarist's musical journey.

Christmas Guitar Songbook

Now that Christmas is coming (isn't it always?), this comprehensive Christmas Guitar Songbook can be a fun gift to give.

It's a complete resource that offers 100 songs in styles from easy to advanced, featuring classics such as 'Jingle Bells' and 'Blue Christmas.

Perfect for learning new tunes or as a gift for guitarists seeking festive inspiration.

Bass Guitar Player Hoodie

Nothing defines a musician more than their attire, so check out this selection of guitar-themed wearables.

Celebrate the rhythm of the bass with this cozy Bass Guitar Player Hoodie, designed for those who loves the low-end groove.

Featuring a unique heartbeat and bass design, it's the ideal mix of comfort and style for any bass enthusiast.

Vintage Guitar Themed Hoodie

This cozy hoodie is adorned with unique vintage guitar imagery, celebrating both electric and acoustic guitars.

Its comfortable fit and durable fabric make it an ideal gift for guitar enthusiasts looking to showcase their passion.

Vitruvian Guitarist T-Shirt

This unique T-Shirt artfully combines Leonardo Da Vinci's iconic Vitruvian Man with the image of a guitar, appealing to those who appreciate music and fine art.

It's perfect for guitar players and music enthusiasts who want to showcase their passion in a creative way and is a great choice for wearing to concerts and casual gatherings.

Guitar Tree of Life T-Shirt

Featuring an artistic Tree of Life intertwined with an acoustic guitar, this T-shirt is a perfect match for guitarists and music enthusiasts alike.

It celebrates the fusion of nature and music, making it a delightful gift for musicians, music teachers, and rock band fans.

Acoustic Guitar Protective Bag

Storing the instruments is crucial to keep them in perfect condition.

Give your favorite guitar player the gift of protection with this durable and padded acoustic guitar bag.

Designed to fit 39/40/41 inch guitars, the water-resistant oxford cloth and shockproof bottom ensure their instrument stays safe during transport.

With dual adjustable shoulder straps, convenient handles, and extra pouches for accessories, this bag combines comfort with functionality.

Semi-Hollow Guitar Hard Case

For extra protection, the Crossrock Wooden Case is designed for the safeguarding of 335 Style 6 String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitars.

This robust case features multi-ply cross-laminate wood construction, lockable latches for security, and a plush interior with accessory storage, ensuring your guitar remains protected during transport or storage.

High-Fidelity Adjustable Earplugs

Quality earplugs that protect the ears yet allow for flawless hearing are indispensable for some musicians.

Designed for musicians and avid concert-goers, these award-winning earplugs offer adjustable sound attenuation levels from -7dB to -25dB, ensuring effective hearing protection without distorting sound quality.

The magnetic locking system ensures your earplugs are always within reach, complemented by a convenient portable case.

Digital Sondery Metronome

This digital metronome from Sondery is designed to help musicians of all instruments perfect their timing and rhythm.

It features a user-friendly interface with buttons and knobs for quick setting adjustments, a color screen for easy reading, vocal counting options, and a selection of digital sounds.

The metronome also includes a rechargeable battery, making it convenient for continuous practice sessions.